How can I install the isp4you.tar.gz in case of .tar.gz ?

Just use 'Webmin Configuration' --> 'Webmin Modules' Then use 'Install Module' --> 'From local file' for example and enter the path to the isp4you.tar.gz Webmin will do the rest for you. Note: webmin don`t mind, if you use a .wbm file or a .tar.gz file.

Is a testversion of isp4you available?

No, sorry. There is no testversion of isp4you available for download. But you can test isp4you online.

What is the price for the isp4you program?

Isp4you is available for a fee of 199.00 €. You can buy isp4you in our online shop.

How many domains can be managed with isp4you?

You can manage up to 10.000 domains with isp4you. If you want to manage more than 3000 domains with isp4you, no problem. We resumee that your server is able to host more than 3000 domains....

What is the actual price for an update?

Updates a free of charge till version 3.0 and can be downloaded in the members area. We inform you if a new release is out.