Here you can download the latest plugins for isp4you.

The Plugins will be uploaded in the
Admin area of isp4you.
Not with the Webmin Plugin Manager. In the module 'Isp4you' you may go to the 'Administration' area inorder to upload the plugins. 148 bytes

This plugin is designed to create a document with all the userdatas on the fly,
after a new domain has been created with isp4you.
You can see a Demo from this PDF here.
This plugin does not need any further plugins on your apache webserver.
You may need to read the README file within the zip document.

webservices - (Version 2.5.4) - 125.00 MB (Released: 29th of June 2015)

This is a special Plugin for isp4you, inorder to serve various program's to your clients
in the Userpanel area of isp4you. The plugin contains the following programs:

Wordpress v. 4.2
Phpbb Forum Roundcube Webmail
Joomla 3.4.x
PhpMyAdmin v. 4
Shopsystem Oscommerce v. 3.0.1
Typo3 v. 4.5 LTS
Drupal 7.23
Gallery3 by Menalto
scriptaculous 1.9.0
Prototype 1.7.0
jquery 1.7.2
Magento 1.8 Shop System
Magento 1.9 Shop System
and many more